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Our focus is on Technology Enhanced Learning.

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David Pollard, Kevin Nolan and Patrice Brennan welcome you. We invite you to enter discussions, interact with us or leave a comment on each of our individual posts. As Further Education teachers and lifelong learners, our goal is to provide you with a service which will enable you to make informed decisions with respect to the integration of interactive technologies in educational settings.

The Technologies. is keen to help transform the learning milieu by assisting educators and students implement interactive technologies in the classroom.  Implementation and successful use of interactive technology empower students to think critically, work collaboratively, and communicate with clarity. The interactive technologies under discussion here – Interactive Whiteboards, Edmodo, and Second Life – have been analysed from a myriad of angles, taking into account the different factors that come into play in an educational environment. Discover the benefits and challenges of these smart technologies and join us in reinventing the learning process!

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